Florabundance: October 2010

31 October 2010

What I've Been Loving This Week...

Hello everyone! Hope you have all had a good weekend and are enjoying the extra hour of sleep this morning :)

I feel like I don't have much to say on beauty products this week and have been much more interested in fashion and lifestyle blogs of late so I thought bugger it.. I will blog about whatever I want to blog about. So here is what I've been loving this week...

- This week I've renewed a love for Clinique Superbalanced Foundation.. wearing it in the above photo and it just makes my skin glow without making me look like an oily mess.

- Dailybooth. You can view or follow mine here! I find Dailybooth really inspiring - I love looking at other peoples make-up and clothes.

- Outnumbered on DVD. Outnumbered is quite possibly the most hilarious TV show I've watched in ages! If you haven't seen it then I suggest you do so.. the dvds are only around £6 on hmv.com

- Cosy cardigans. I feel like it's not quite cold enough for a big chunky coat yet - I'm a fast walker and big coats mean I get too hot too quickly. I find wooly cardigans are perfect for right now. I stay warm by layering clothes underneath them and covering up with a huge scarf.

What have you lovelies been loving this week?

Lydia xox

24 October 2010

Weekend In Photos

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a good weekend. A bit of a lazy idea for a post from me but here is a little bit of my weekend in photos :)

1. Me and Alfie had lots of snuggly, late lie-ins.

2. But Alfie definitely managed to grab a lot more snoozing than me! He is too cute- yes that is him sleeping with his head on my knee!

2. I painted my nails, a la Lorraine . I'm wearing OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender with Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet With Me on the glitter nail. Looks lovely in my opinion and is something I'll definitely be sporting again!

4. On Saturday I got my hair done. Only light blonde highlights this time as I felt my hair had started to become too dark with the beige and brown highlights mixed in.
(Arghhh cover your eyes, it's a no make-up photo!)

5. Et voila, me with my new hair - well, it's not really all that new but I am very happy that it looks a bit blonder than I've recently had it.

My weekend also involved X Factor watching, pizza eating and grandparent visiting. Now I'm back off to my house in Swansea ready to start another thrilling week of uni.

Blog soon people,

Lydia xox

19 October 2010

Lazy Hair!

Hi everyone! Thought I would do a post on a new hair style I've been sporting recently. I was always one for straight hair with a little bit of messy volume, mainly because my hair is naturally straight but frizzy so creating waves or silky straight hair always meant I needed to use heat, and straightening it was the easiest option.

Now what I do is wash my hair, apply Chi Silk Infusion to limit the frizziness in my hair, then do two french plaits on each side of my hair.

Above: Me with the plaits in! I feel like a school girl with them in. Thank god noone really sees me in them - I only wear them to bed.

When I wake up in the morning my hair is normally still a little damp so I flick the hairdryer over my hair whilst scrunching the hair up to encourage more waves. Finally, I mist some 'Fat Hair' hairspray all over my hair and scrunch some more. This hairspray is light but fantastic at creating volume. Perfect for bouncy waves.

Below: the finished look! Truly effortless!

Excuse my funny face here.. I was messing around on Photobooth before my Tap class!

From the back.

From the front!

So if you fancy an extra 20 minutes sleep in the mornings I definitely recommend trying out the old sleeping in french plaits trick. What's even better is that this hairstyle lasts me three days instead of the usual 2 when I have straight hair. It's messy so it can never go wrong when you sleep on it etc. If anything - sleeping on it adds to the messiness and your waves last longer.

Love it!

Lydia xox

17 October 2010

Purchase of The Week

Hi everyone!

I came up with an idea today - a quick, simple thing for me to post every week. It will be my "purchase of the week". Hopefully I will be sticking to this, as I feel like I need something consistent in my blogging.

My purchase of the week this week is surprisingly from Primark! If you know me at all then you will know I hate Primark with a passion. However, when I was in there with my housemate this week this little jumper yelled out at me. It is the cutest thing ever and I could not resist buying it!

The jumper is tight fitting, low cut with cropped, puffball sleeves. But hands down, the best thing about this jumper is the sparkly bow on the chest. Very appropriate for the approaching festive season.

This was such a steal at £11.50.

I plan to pair mine with my black body-con skirt from H&M. Love an all black outfit.

Close up of the bow. I blinking love bows. Cutest thing ever.

What was your purchase of the week?

Lydia xox

10 October 2010

I Heart Shoe Boots!

Hi everyone.. sorry I've been absent for ages. I've moved back into my house at university for my final year and we haven't got internet yet! Needless to say I have been going out of my mind without it. So glad to be home at my parents this weekend to catch up on blogs, YouTube and emails :)

Whilst I have been internet deprived I have been doing quite a bit of naughty shopping, buying things I really can't afford to, and this pair of gorgeous shoe boots are one of them. But I absolutely adore them!

I've always loved how shoe boots looked on other people, but could never find a pair that I loved. These beauties from Marks and Spencers (who'd have thought it?!) tick all the right boxes - I just had to have them.

They're black, patent and have a killer heel - a very comfy, killer heel may I add! The fact that there is a platform means it feels like you are walking on less of a heel than you actually are. Plus, the heel is quite chunky so it doesn't put as much pressure on your feet. These truly are amazingly comfy, considering the height on them.

They set me back £55 but I think it is well worth the price tag. I will be wearing these on nights out, on days out, for meals, to the cinema, with dresses, with tights, with skinny jeans, with bootcut jeans... with bloody everything! Love love love.

If you are in the UK and are on the lookout for a new pair of shoes, be sure to head to M&S for a browse. Their stuff is fantastic quality and it isn't just a store for your grandma these days. Love M&S. I have a pair of gorgeous flats from there that have lasted me over a year - the quality is truly impressive.

Have a good weekend guys,

Lydia xox