Florabundance: June 2011

27 June 2011

Birthday Outfit

As promised, here's my birthday outfit of the day. It was a beautiful day so this was taken in my garden :) please excuse how pasty I am - I'm off on holiday this weekend so I'm strictly off any kind of fake tan in preparation of a real tan!

Cardigan: New Look
Dress: H&M
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Flip flops: Havaiana
Neckalce: Tiffany's (birthday present!)


Lydia xox

26 June 2011

Outfit of the Day 25/06/11

Hello everyone! This is my first ever outfit of the day post - I don't normally do them as I don't have anyone to take photos of me and I always mess up with the self timer.

Yesterday I went out for my birthday meal with my family (my birthday is today but a lot more is open on a Saturday so...!) and I really liked my outfit so I got my mum to snap a photo for me :)

Leather Jacket: Muubaa
Dress: H&M
Belt: Topshop
Tights: Accessorize 90 den
Boots: Very.co.uk

Hope you like! I may do another one today as it is my actual birthday - plus the sun is shining! :)

Lydia xox

25 June 2011

Mulberry Bayswater - YAY!

Hello everyone!

This is my most extravagant purchase yet and I couldn't be happier with it! I have wanted a Mulberry Bayswater for so long and when my savings account matured recently I decided to dip in to a little bit of it before putting it back in! I am a total believer in keeping money savings, but hey what's life if you don't spend a little and treat yourself, eh?! At least that's what I've been telling myself.

Anyhows, there is not much to say so just enjoy the photos... oh and I got the bag in 'Oak'...

^Without flash
^With flash

24 June 2011

A Pre-Birthday Shopping Spree... Part 1

Hello everyone! I am guilty of being quiet on the blogging front recently but I am back today with a haul.

Yesterday I went shopping in Cardiff with some of my savings money. I decided to spend a little bit of it because I've had the money tied up in bonds for years and I had never dipped in to it - now that I am turning 21 this weekend I decided to treat myself!

This part of the haul is cosmetics. Here is what I bought:

Goodies from MAC and Laura Mercier :-)

From MAC I got... 'Gold Deposit' Mineral Skin Finish, 'Clear' Brow Gel and 'Fling' Eyebrow Pencil. The gel is just a boring necessity that I always purchase. I have unruly brows so this helps to keep them in place. The MUA used the pencil on me and I loved the effect so much that I bought it! I never normally pencil in my brows so this is a new venture for me :-) oh and the MSF is to take on holiday! Yay.

From Laura Mercier I got.... the famous Tinted Moisturiser in the shade 'Bisque' and the Secret Camouflage concealer duo in '2'.

Just a close up of the concealer duo. Very excited to experiment with this - love that they have pink and yellow undertones to mix and use appropriately :-)

That's it for now. Next up will be part 2, which will include a very expensive purchase! I am just dizzy thinking about it...

Lydia xox

17 June 2011

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser

Here's a bit of a photo of the day from today, just because I wanted to briefly talk about a product I am totally loving right now - the Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser! I saw Alex use this in a tutorial of her summer make-up so I just Googled it to see how much it was. To my surprise, I found it for £6.95 (including p&p!) on CheapSmells.com and ordered it straight away! SUCH a bargain, especially as it costs £18 on LookFantastic.com :-)

You can buy it here! I bought shade 02 and it matches perfectly. If anything, it is a little lighter than I imagined but it could easily be bronzed up.

I absolutely love the sheen it gives to my skin, but it doesn't feel oily at all. This is coming on holiday with me for sure! Despite not having much coverage at all I was comfortable wearing it with just a dab of MAC Studio Fix Concealer on my chin (spots, time of the month, aaarghh!).
I am wearing no highlighter in the photo above, no poweder, just blush, so you can see the beautiful sheen it gives. I think it looks very natural too. £6.95 well spent - I definitely recommend it!

Sorry for the rushed post, just couldn't wait to share this bargain!

Lydia xox

'An ugly, lovely town'

Dylan Thomas once said Swansea, his hometown, was an 'ugly, lovely town'.

Well as I stood at the top of a 28 floor tower in the marina a few days ago, I couldn't help but think that Dylan couldn't have been more wrong...

It's a beautiful coastal city!

Swansea, you'll always be mine!


16 June 2011

My bedroom... a work in progress

Hello everyone! Not my usual kind of post today but I wanted to share with you all something I am working on at the moment... my bedroom at my parents home. As I am soon to be permanently living with them again this summer I have decided to spruce it up a little! I was so sick of the baby pink walls, so decided to go for something I feel is a little more mature and timeless :-)

So this is what I have done so far...

I choose Dulux 'Soft Stone' for the three walls and then used the Dulux feature wall paint in 'Mulberry Burst' for the wall behind my bed. I had a purple bedroom at university so I already have a lot of things to match the feature walls. I also have cream curtains so thought that it would look really nice against it.

Above: freshly painted, without flash

Above: with flash, curtains drawn

I also added new shelves for my DVDs :-) much better than the way they were - they used to be squashed in a bookshelf! Check out my Barbie too - the only one that never made it out of the box. She's beeeautiful!

So what do you guys think? I'm really pleased with it. Next on my list is to get rid of my furniture (there's way too much of it and not enough space!) and replacing it with one large wardrobe, a chest of drawers and hopefully a dressing table for my make-up! Oooh the excitement!

Lydia xox

15 June 2011

A little ramble...

Hello everyone! First of all... sorry for being so absent recently. Our internet broke over a week ago now at my university house, but thankfully we were all busy celebrating the end of our degrees.

Today I moved the majority of my stuff home to parents house and I will only be returning to my student house next week for two days. I'm so sad to be leaving university - I have made friends for life and have had the best time . I have no idea how I'm going to get used to living with just my parents after living in a house with 7 other people. It's too quiet here already!

So whilst I am feeling all sentimental listening to Adele (bad song choice when you're constantly on the verge of tears!), I thought I would do a little blog post just to say that.. if you are thinking of going to university, please do it! I was never a person who had dreams of higher education and a particular career aspiration I wanted to work my butt off for, but going to university was the best decision I have ever made. It has given me independence, it has made me disciplined, I have laughed more than ever and most importantly, I have met so many wonderful people I would never have met if I had not gone...

3 years goes so fast, so please - enjoy! When your parents/family/friends tell you that university is the best time of your life, believe them.

Here's some photos of my last week at university...

Lydia xox

5 June 2011

My MAC Neutral Palette So Far...

Hello everyone! Hope you've all had a good weekend and had a chance to enjoy the sunshine :-)

On Friday I received a MAC order in the post and as I was placing my two new eyeshadows in to the pan I thought you all might be interested in seeing what I have in my palette! So here it is...

(Top to bottom)
Row 1 : Brule, Orb, Phloof!
Row 2: Ricepaper, Retrospeck, Honeylust
Row 3: Patina, Mulch, Satin Taupe
Row 4: Wedge, Sumptuous Olive, Sketch

I absolutely love every eyeshadow in this palette but I have to note that this isn't all of my neutrals, as when I first started getting in to MAC I bought my eyeshadows in regular form instead of pan. I am still in the process of switching to pan and once I fill this pan I have no doubt in my mind that I will start up yet another neutral palette! Outside of this palette, the most used neutrals I own are Naked Lunch, Sable, Tempting, All That Glitters and Black Tied :)

What eyeshadows do you think I am missing in here? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Lydia xox