Giorgio Armani Si Perfume

1 January 2015

Giorgio Armani Si Perfume

Welcome to my signature scent of 2015; Giorgio Armani Si. 

For the longest time I used to be a one-perfume kind of girl. Chanel Chance was my signature scent and I never strayed. About 5 years ago I went a bit perfume crazy. Now I usually have around 15-20 perfumes on the go at any given time (don't judge me!) and I wear a different scent every day to suit my mood. I guess nothing has ever been as good as Chanel Chance for me. Well, that was until I discovered Armani Si. I spritzed it on my wrist whilst out shopping around 2 weeks ago and just couldn't stop thinking about it. 

Fast forward to the day after Boxing Day and I am queueing in line to exchange the perfume I had received for Christmas for Armani Si instead. I was still thinking about it and just had to get it (the beauty junkie struggle is real, yo').

As I am absolutely rubbish with describing scents and perfume notes I have borrowed the official description below:

"The fragrance opens with notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin oil and Liquer de Cassis which is supported by a heart which bursts with Rose de Mai absolute, Neroli absolute and Egyptian Jasmine absolute. Warm undertones caress the unique chypre base notes of Patchouli oil intertwined with Blond Woods, amber and musky undertones known as Orcanox™. Finished with a sweet animalic accord of Vanille absolute which, gives this fragrance, longevity and an unforgettable silage."

The reason I love this scent because it is so potent. Strong but not overpowering I should add. It has incredible staying power but doesn't choke the person next to you like some strong perfumes.  It's the kind of perfume you can spray one morning and still smell it on your coat or scarf the next day. I am ALL for low maintenance perfumes that you only have to spray once!

In terms of scent, when I spray it I instantly acknowledge that it is vanillary sweet and girly but there is a definite edge of sophistication. It is much more grown up and elegant than your ordinary sweet scented perfume. Intense yet soft at the same time. Absolute genius if you ask me!

The next time you are loitering around a perfume hall make sure to give it a sniff. I would 100% recommend!

Armani Si retails for £45 for 30ml, £64.50 for 50ml and £79.50 for 100ml. I got mine from Boots

Happy 2015 all.

Lydia xox

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